Welcome to my personal Dope Diary!

This blog is a record of my personal dope journey. I keep track of the strains I smoke and do reviews, which I call the Chronic Chronicles. I have always wanted to keep track of the different weed I smoke and which I like best. Let me know your favorites, and I hope you discover something new!

Way back when, I started Dope Diary so that I could keep an active journal of my grows. I no longer grow at the current moment, but I used to have a small grow room set up and moved to a medium set up before shutting down. Check out the archives for my grows if you’re interested in growing.

Please read the disclaimer page and copyright page – I promise it is not as boring as it sounds!

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About Dope Diary’s Author

Born: 1980

Location: Northern California, United States

Favorite strain type: Hybrid, Indica dominant

Favorite strain: Anything OG

Favorite smoking tool: Bong/Waterpipe

Favorite TV shows: American Horror Story, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Daria, Dexter, Firefly, Hannibal, Misfits, Skins

Favorite movies: Beetle Juice,  The Big Lebowski, The Cell, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Interview with the Vampire, Labyrinth, Pulp Fiction, Saw Franchise, The Purge Franchise

Favorite music: Big Sonic Chill style, Tool, Deftones and Team Sleep.

Feature Image Credit: The Anonimous One Tumblr