Welcome to the Chronic Chronicles! This is my private listing of all the marijuana and marijuana related products I have purchased since starting this blog. I like to keep track of all the great bud that I smoke, and how I smoke it. Also see Chronic Places for a list of my favorite dispensaries, or visit Dope Nugs for a gallery format of the Chronic Chronicles.

The List

Here is a list of the chronic that I have reviewed so far in alphabetical order listing just a few of their characteristics. Some tips on viewing the table:

  • Click on the name of each strain to see a full review.
  • Click on a title on top to sort the table by that column.
  • As your mouse hovers over a row it will be highlighted to make easier to read.
Cherry OG KushH/IM1.25B
Darth Vader OG KushHM1.33B
Diablo OG Kush ChronicleH/I17%1.25B
Diamond Head ChronicleH/IH2.00A
Earth OG Kush ChronicleH/I20%1.42A
Emerald Mountain KushH/IM1.00B
Fire OG KushI14%1.58B
Fruity Pebble Treat ChronicleEM1.25C
Girl Scout Cookies ChroniclesH/I20%1.83A
Headband ChronicleH/IL0.75C
Headband OG Kush 2 ChronicleH/I15%1.50A
Headband OG Kush ChronicleH/I15%1.50B
Heaven OG Kush ChronicleIM1.75A
Joint – Shake House Blend from HH (Free)HL0.67C
Lemon Kush ChronicleH/IM1.50A
Master’s Mistress Kush ChronicleH/IM1.75A
Mountain Man Kush ChronicleH/IL0.75B
Orange Crack ChronicleH/SL0.75C
Skywalker OG Kush ChronicleH/IM1.33B
Super Aztec Kush ChronicleH/IM1.25B
Super Grand-Daddy Purple ChronicleI20%1.25A
XXX Venom OG Kush ChronicleH/I21%1.42A


  • E = Edible
  • H = Hybrid
  • H/I = Hybrid, Indica dominant
  • H/S = Hybrid, Sativa dominant
  • S = Sativa

THC Amount

  • L/Low = 9% and below
  • M/Medium = 10% to 19%
  • H/High = 20% or more


  • Short = 59 minutes or less
  • Medium = 60 minutes to 1 hour 44 minutes
  • Long = 1 hour 45 minutes or longer


Edibles are measured differently

  • Short = 1 hour 29 minutes or less
  • Medium = 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours and 44 minutes
  • Long = 2 hours and 45 minutes or longer

All lengths are written in hours as a decimal.

NOTE: I am a long time smoker and have been smoking for over a decade now so my tolerance may be higher than yours. All reviews are based on my personal experiences only.


Here are some lists that I have compiled:

How I Review

I try to follow the same criteria religiously when doing reviews to keep a “scientific like” environment.

Here is my basic testing scenario:

  • 2 bowls, about 0.2 grams total
  • Smoke bowls in about 20 minutes
  • Smoke out of a regular, single chamber glass bong that is 1 foot tall
  • Clean bong!
  • Most reviews are performed in the morning on a clean palette

Medical Uses

I have a medical marijuana recommendation for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Migraines

I can only review the uses of the medicine I smoke based on my own experience. All medical usage suggestions are only my personal opinion and biased by my own ailments.

To learn more about me please visit the About page. See the Disclaimer page for more legal mumbo jumbo.