Price: $60/eighth (4 grams)
Pic Weight: 1.6 grams
Type: Indica dominant
Lineage: OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush
Breeder: The Hemp Center
Maturation: 9-10 weeks
THC: 20%/High
Nug: Nice! Very dense and slightly sticky nugs. Lighter green that has an orange look because it is covered in so many little orange hairs. Good crystal formation.
Odor: Crisp chemical distinctly diesel smell with an earthy over tone. Very nice.
Taste: Bold chemical, musky flavor. Kind of reminds me of when you swallow pool water by accident, but in this case not in a bad way.
Smoke: Medium density
Buzz: Comes on smooth and totally cerebral. I felt creative, psychedelic and relaxed. Can be sleepy afterwards.
Length: 1 hour 50 minutes/Long
Uses: Anxiety, Appetite, Inflammation, Migraines, Muscle pains, Nausea, Pain
Grade: A+

Right now this is my TOP strain from ARC, and probably the best I have ever smoked. It is a really smooth strain that comes on with a strong cerebral psychedelic buzz that is great for watching your favorite movie, listening to your favorite music, or working on your hobby of choice. Would also be good for people who have pain while doing daily household chores. I wouldn’t try to get too much done with this one though!

From Alternative Resource Center and Collective.

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