Here is my personal reviews of San Diego dispensaries that I have visited in alphabetical order. I have only included places that have entries in the Chronic Chronicles.

Chronic Places Chronicles

This is only my personal opinion and is meant to be factual, un-biased, and straight-forward. Some tips on viewing the table:

  • Click on the name of each strain to see a full review.
  • Click on a title on top to sort the table by that column.
  • As your mouse hovers over a row it will be highlighted to make easier to read.
Alternative Resource CenterAA$50BC
California’s Best MedsAA$55BB
Green Crop Co-OpAA$55AB
Higher HealingCC$45BB


  • A through F Grade School system
  • Rating = Overall rating
  • Quality = Overall average quality of chronic
  • Price = Average for an eighth
  • Staff = Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff members
  • Parking = Ease of parking

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