My second grow is finally here. Biggest upgrade is that I switched to a two room set-up so I will have a vegetative room and flowering room going at the same time. See Grow 2 Preparation for more of the changes and upgrades that I made for the second grow.

Here is information about my second medical marijuana grow and grow room set-up.

Grow 2 Strains

Master Kush

Strain 1Master Kush
Price$50/eighth, $10/clone
TypeHybrid, Indica dominant
LineageMaster Kush (Hindu Kush/Skunk)
BreederNirvana, White Label
Veg.65 days
Flower60 days
Maturation55 to 65 days

Lemon OG Kush

Strain 2Lemon OG Kush
Price$50/eighth, $10/clone
TypeHybrid, Indica dominant
LineageLemon Joy x OG Kush ? (Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)
Veg.65 days
Flower60 days
Maturation60 to 65 days 

Gods Gift

Strain 3God’s Gift
Price$55/eighth, $10/clone
TypeHybrid, Indica dominant
LineageGrand Daddy Purple x OG Kush
BreederUnknown/Clone Only
Veg.65 days
Flower60 days
Maturation55 to 65 days

Grow 2 Medium and Nutrients

MediumHydroponic using 4″ Rockwool in Hydroton (70 LT)
System TypeEbb & Flow
Tray Size4 feet x 2 feet
Reservoir18 gallons filled with 16 (Small pump, air pump & 2 air stones)
H20 Schedule4x day for 15 min (Pump on for 5 minutes)
NutrientsGeneral Hydroponics Flora Series/Expert Recirculating Program
Nute CycleChanged every 2 weeks
Flush CycleEvery 2 weeks, when changing the nutrients
Flush AdditiveFloraKleen (only small amounts until final flushing)

More Nutrient Information

I am using the full GH Expert Recirculating Program Flora Series, which includes:

  • FloraGro
  • FloraMicro
  • FloraBloom
  • Diamond Nectar
  • Floralicious Grow
  • Floralicious Bloom
  • Liquid KoolBloom
  • FloraKleen

Grow 2 Environment

In/OutIndoor, small room lined with white reflective tarp & Mylar
TempBetween 65 and 80 (Usually 70)
HumidityBetween 60% and 80% (Usually 70%)
CO2Supplied by spraying seltzer water
PHBetween 5.5 and 6.0. No meter, so Yellow/Orange using test drops
Air controlHydrofarm Active Air Inline 165 CFM Fan. 6″ and 4″ ducting & oscillating fans
Veg Light2 4-foot T-12 fluorescent lights, mixed cool & warm bulbs
Flower Bulb1 SolarMAX 400 watt high pressure sodium
Flower LightSun Systems Yield Master II Supreme 4″ air-cooled reflector
Flower BallastGlobal Greenhouse Lighting “Helios 400” watt digital