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Setting Up a Grow Room After a Cleaning

Here is a quick and dirty run down of how to re-setup an ebb and flow hydroponic system after you have dismantled it for cleaning in between grows.

Gods Gift

Grow 2 Set-up (Master Kush, Lemon OG, God’s Gift)

Here are the full stats for my second grow. Detailed information on nutrients and cycles, equipment and strains.

Daily Grow-Room Checklist

Bonus Daily Maintenance Checklist PDF

A free daily grow-room checklist you can laminate and use to keep your plants happy. Download the PDF now.

Grow Room Daily Maintenance Checklist

This is a good daily checklist for your grow room to ensure that your plants are happy. Print the short version and hang it in your grow room.

Stem Expectations

Stem Expectations

Yesterday I noticed that my stalks have really grown! This grow is turning out to be much beyond any of my previous grows and my expectations.

Grow Room 20100817

Daily Dope Diary 1 – 08.16

Dope Diary 1 Update. Today I started the flowering cycle which introduced a lot of new changes in my grow room.

New G13 Clones

Today I purchased four clones to start my first official grow.

My Daily Maintenance Check List

This is my daily checklist of things to check on my system so that I can keep my plants happy.

Grow Room

Grow 1 Set-up (G13)

All about my first official, multiple plant grow. Includes information on what I am growing, how I am growing and what equipment I am using.

Soma A-Plus Stem

Learning to Grow Marijuana

While this blog marks my first official grow I have attempted growing before.