Today is the official start of my first official multiple plant grow. To check out the full statistics on this grow, see the post Grow 1 Set-up (G13).

I have four G13 clones, that are most likely a hybrid of the original strain. The place I purchased these from did not have a knowledgeable staff member at the time I was there today. I have searched for days for healthy Indica clones but only found bunches and bunches of Sativas. So when I saw these healthy looking, supposedly pure Indicas, I snatched them up quick.

Right now I am watering them 30 minutes, 4 times a day and have them under 4, 4-foot T-12 bulbs (in two economy fixtures). I would prefer to have them under T-5 lights but I could not afford to buy those and the hydroponics system at the same time. I plan on buying the T-5 lights for the next grow.

Here is a picture of one of plants, what I am calling Plant D, as I put it into my system. I think at this point it is about 6 inches tall and only has a few nodes. I hope to see some huge growth!

Plant D 20100718