For my first multiple plant grow I selected a G-13 clone of unknown origins, unfortunately.

Here is some, okay a LOT, of information about my first official medical marijuana grow and grow room set-up.

Grow 1 Strain Information

Strain G-13 (Unknown pure or hybrid)
Plants 4
Price $50/eighth, $15/clone
Type Hybrid
Lineage Unknown clone (G-13 may be Afghani x Acapulco Gold in origin)
Breeder Unknown (Plural of G13 Collection and Soma Seeds have hybrids available)
Maturation 10 to 11 weeks
THC 20%/High
In Veg. 65 days (as of today)
In Flower 2 days

Grow 1 Medium and Water Information

Hydro/Soil Hydroponic using 4″ Rockwool in Hydroton (70 LT used)
Hydro Type Ebb & Flow
Tray Size 4 feet x 2 feet
Reservoir 18 gallons, filled with 16 gallons using a small pump and an air pump with 2 air stones.
H20 Schedule 4x day for 15 min/Veg and 3x day for 15 minutes/Flower
Nutrients General Hydroponics
Nute Cycle Expert Recirculating Program (Liquid KoolBloom). Changed every 2 weeks.
Flush Cycle Every 2 weeks, right before changing the nutrients in the reservoir.
Flush Additive Flora Kleen (only small amounts until final flushing)

Further nutrient information. I am using the full GH Expert Recirculating Program, which includes the following products:

  • FloraGro
  • FloraMicro
  • FloraBloom
  • Diamond Nectar
  • Floralicious Grow
  • Floralicious Bloom
  • Liquid KoolBloom
  • Flora Kleen

Grow 1 Environment Information

In/Out Indoor, closet grow (2 feet x 6 feet space)
Temp Between 75 and 85, sometimes as high as 90
Humidity Between 50% and 70%
CO2 Supplied by spraying seltzer water
PH Between 5.5 and 6.0. Do not own a meter, so Yellow/hint of green in color.
Air control Hydrofarm Active Air Inline 165 CFM Fan with 4″ ducting and oscillating fan. Room also has an air conditioner.
Veg Light 2 generic 4-foot T-12 flourescent shop-light fixtures, mixed cool and warm bulbs in each fixture. Supplemented with Mylar.
Flower Bulb 1 SolarMAX 400 watt high pressure sodium
Flower Light Sun Systems Yield Master II Supreme 4″ air-cooled reflector. Supplemented with Mylar.
Flower Ballast Global Greenhouse Lighting “Helios 400”, 400 watt digital. Fires both 120 V and 240 V.
Pests None so far