This is my third grow really, but the first two I do not count. My first two grows were in a small grow-box fitted with 3 U-shaped T-12 fluorescent lights that was left behind by an old roommate. Both grows were in 2 gallon pots filed with Miracle Grow soil using Fox Farm’s Big Bloom nutrient (1 Part only).

The first grow was some random seed out of an eighth I had purchased. Needless to say the yield was small, about an eighth, but it wasn’t bad. My second grow was a Soma A+ clone that I grew the same way. It also did not turn out too well but the yield was doubled and it tasted and smoked great! So clean unlike anything I have tasted before. The picture above is the stem from this grow, which I know, it is only about 8 inches tall.

I am hoping that this grow will be my best, and so far it has blown my expectations away. I hope you will follow me along as I learn and grow!