Bonus Daily Maintenance Checklist PDF

A free daily grow-room checklist you can laminate and use to keep your plants happy. Download the PDF now.

Grow Room Daily Maintenance Checklist

This is a good daily checklist for your grow room to ensure that your plants are happy. Print the short version and hang it in your grow room.

Plant Problems 3 Update 2 – BUGS! Yellow Spots and Holes

Update on my third post about problems with my plants. Some leafs had developed holes and/or yellow spots that has now stopped. Today I found the cause, a bunch of white bugs in my reservoir water. Yuck!

Plant Problems 3 – Yellow Spots and Holes

Third post about problems with my plants. Some leafs have developed yellow spots that then turn into holes or just holes when I first see them with yellow halos. Not sure what could be causing this, but did not find any bugs.

My Daily Maintenance Check List

This is my daily checklist of things to check on my system so that I can keep my plants happy.

Grow 1 Set-up (G13)

All about my first official, multiple plant grow. Includes information on what I am growing, how I am growing and what equipment I am using.