Price: $55/eighth
Type: Hybrid, Sativa dominant
Lineage: Orange Kush (Orange Bud x OG Kush) x Green Crack (aka “Cush”, Skunk #1 x Unknown Indica)
Breeder: Unknown (Green Crack was most likely from Cecil)
Maturation: Unknown (Orange Kush is 8 to 9 weeks)
THC: Unknown/Low (Orange Kush is 19%)
Nug: Lime green with loads of orange hairs! Good crystal formation.
Odor: Intoxicating musky flowery smell. Smells like a strong narcotic perfume.
Taste: Has no particular flavor, just smooth and clean.
Smoke: Light density.
Buzz: Bit of a creeper. Very light and cerebral leaving you energetic. No body effects.
Length: 45 minutes/Short
Uses: Anxiety, depression, nausea.
Grade: C

From California’s Best Meds.

This one was not worth the price to me. I usually do not purchase sativas because they have a very short buzz for me. Had to this bud a C because of lack of effects.

Orange Crack Nugs

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