Today I noticed more yellow spots that sometimes results in holes. The problem seems to be spreading quickly since yesterday I only noticed it on a couple of leaves total and today it is a couple of leaves on each of the plants.

I checked for bugs and I am pretty sure that there are not any. The holes are random and not localized anyway, only a few on each leaf that has it. I recently diluted my nutrient solution so I would like to think this is not a nutrient burn. I am going to try flushing the system anyway to see if that might help since I am not what else to do.

In the meantime I am going to post the problems to the forum “Rollitup” to see if someone might be able to help. Here is a link to my post Yellow Spots That Turn Into Holes for the full discussion.

Hole in Leaf 1

Holes in Leaf 2

Holes in Leaf 3

Mottled Leaf - Day 1

Holes in Leafs 1, 2, 3 & Mottled Leaf (Day 1)

Yellow Spots 1 - Day 1

Yellow Spots 2

Yellow Leaf 1 (Day 1) and Yellow Leaf 2


  • None yet, decided to flush the system early but I have not done it yet.
  • One person on the “Rollitup” forum suggested it might be from high humidity and/or temperature and that the leaves are drying up, but this does not seem feasible. The temperature is kept between 75 and 85 and the humidity between 50 and 60 percent.