Today I flushed the system because I am continuing to have problems show up on my leaves, which I posted about in Plant Problems 2 and Plant Problems 3. Following is a list of today’s changes to my grow room:

  • Flushed the system with 10 gallons of pure PH adjusted water ensuring to clean out the Rockwool.
  • Further diluted the nutrients with 3 gallons of pure PH adjusted water.
  • Noticed small yellow spots, edge curling and holes on some leaves.
  • Noticed massive stem growth. In the last 6 days the stems seem to have double or tripled in width!
  • Un-staked the plants since the stems were thicker than the stakes!


Room Statistics:

High Temperature 85 degrees
High Humidity 60%
Water Level 0.0/Full
PH Yellow
Flush Yes/No FloraKleen
Nutrients Transition, Week 9A

Plant Statistics:

Name of Plant Height (inches) Girth (inches) Average Inches/Day
Plant A 26 58 0.33
Plant B 23.5 56 0.42
Plant C 21 56 0.67
Plant D 23 52 0.33

For more details on my grow room setup see the post Grow 1 Set-up (G13).