Today I noticed that some of the leaves are dead on the bottom of my plants and brown spots and edges have showed up on some of the leaves. For awhile now they have been slightly curling down or up on the tips as well and turning brown.

I am not sure what this may be caused by, except that it looks like it might be a nutrient burn. It seems to happen the last two or three nutrient changes right after I change the nutrients out in the reservoir to the new cycle. So once again I turned to the forum “Rollitup” to get some answers. Here is a link to my post Brown Edges, Spots, Tips & Leaf Curling for the full discussion.

Browning Leaf

Curling Tip

Browning leaf and Curling tip


  • First opinion was to not worry about, that not all leaves will be perfect. I agree with this, but the curling leaves is on about 30% of them, which does seem like a problem. Especially since it seems to start from the bottom and work its way up.
  • Second opinion was that this was caused by a slight nitrogen overdose. This I agreed with since the plants did seem to not use the GH FloraMicro as fast as the other nutrients (lots of brown left in the reservoir water).
  • Dilute the nutrients, which I do naturally as I top it off between reservoir changes. I have been adding about 3 gallons or more a week to keep the level up so far.
  • Again, keep flushing the system on schedule. I decided since it does not seem like a big issue to not flush early, but wait until I change the nutrients.