The problems that I posted about in Plant Problems 2 seem to have cleared up, just like my first plant issues did. However, new problems have developed, which I will post about in Plant Problems 3.

Here is the update:

Because none of the issues seemed too dire, I decided to wait to flush the system. I did dilute the nutrients by toping off my reservoir, which had gotten very low because of a recent heat wave. But I wish I hadn’t waited to flush because I have now developed new problems. Here is how I took care of my second batch of issues:

Browning leafs:

  • Diluted the nutrients.
  • This problem did not multiply, but seems to have changed into holes, or this may be a separate problem.
  • Was most likely a nitrogen overdose, or nutrient burn.

Curling and browning leaf tips:

  • No more leaves on the new growth are brown on the tips or curling. I think that diluting the nutrients has solved the problem.
  • In the future I am going to add no more than 75% of the nutrients instead of full strength to avoid this.