Type:Hybrid/Indica dominant
Lineage:Master Kush x Unknown
Breeder:Unknown (Master Kush by Nirvana)
Maturation:Unknown (Master Kush is 7 to 8 weeks)
THC:Unknown/Medium (Master Kush is 18%)
Nug: Medium green, with a medium amount of red hairs and glistening with a high amount of frost. Fluffy instead of dense or sticky. More leafs than other buds.
Odor: Smells clean and musky with a hint of pine.
Taste: Musky like dirt mixed with a heavy spicy pine flavor.
Smoke:Medium to high density. Cough inducer.
Buzz: Good mix of cerebral and body buzz. Bit of a creeper and very laid back. Decent hunger inducer.
Length:1 hour/Medium
Uses: Anxiety, appetite, insomnia, migraines, muscle pains, nausea and pain.

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