Type:Hybrid/Indica dominant
Lineage:Master Kush x Early Girl
Breeder:Unknown (Master Kush/Nirvana, Early Girl/Nirvana)
Maturation:8 to 9 weeks
THC:Unknown/Medium (Master Kush/18% , Early Girl/8%)
Nug: Medium green, with a medium amount of red hairs and high frost. Dense but not tough, slightly tacky to the touch.
Odor: Medium-strong diesel/fuel aroma that is both musky and spicy.
Taste: Strong resin taste that is musky and slightly chemical in flavor.
Smoke:Light density, but still a cough inducer.
Buzz: Immediate cerebral spacey buzz. Heavy muscle relaxation and slightly energetic compared to most Indica hybrids I have smoked. This one is a heavy hitter.
Length:1 hour 45 minutes/Long
Uses: Anxiety, depression, muscle pains, pain

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