Excel Spreadsheet Marijuana Growth Tracker

Since I have been growing for a few months now I have wanted to keep track of my plants progress and issues. I think this will be useful in knowing how changes to my system affect the plants and as a diagnostic log and tool of the problems I have already encountered and how I corrected them.

I searched in vain for a working copy of a spreadsheet online so I started to look up software for the purpose. While the software I found does work it is not free and is not really all that nice to look at. Because of this I figured that Excel is just as good as anything so I created my own spreadsheet.

My growth spreadsheet is very simple and tracks everything that I could think of. It is still in the beginning stages of development and is not yet complete. As it is developed I will re-post it. Let me know what you think.

Plant D on July 18 2010

Grow Journal Spreadsheet (XLSX) (New Excel format)

Grow Journal Spreadsheet (XLS) (Older Excel format)

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  1. Hey man, I found this worksheet and found it very helpful. I am a first time grower and keeping tracking of my two organic soil plants has been tough, this should really help me. Is there any chance you have a newer version? I would really appreciate it. My email is (removed).

  2. Betty

    Awesome! Thanks for a starting point!

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