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Ventilation Systems and Fans in the Grow Room

Here are some basics to consider when setting up a kick ass ventilation system for your grow such as how to choose the right fan, ideal temperature and humidity, all about fan mufflers/silencers and the best use of oscillating fans.

Gods Gift

Grow 2 Set-up (Master Kush, Lemon OG, God’s Gift)

Here are the full stats for my second grow. Detailed information on nutrients and cycles, equipment and strains.

Grow Room 20100822

Daily Dope Diary 3 – 08.22

Dope Diary 3 Update. Yesterday’s flush seems to have cleared up the issues on the leaves that I posted about in Plant Problems 3.

Grow Room 20100821

Daily Dope Diary 2 – 08.21

Dope Diary 2 Update. Today I flushed the system because I am continuing to have issues show up on the leaves. I also noticed extreme stem growth.

Holes in Leaf

Plant Problems 3 – Yellow Spots and Holes

Third post about problems with my plants. Some leafs have developed yellow spots that then turn into holes or just holes when I first see them with yellow halos. Not sure what could be causing this, but did not find any bugs.

Grow Room 20100817

Daily Dope Diary 1 – 08.16

Dope Diary 1 Update. Today I started the flowering cycle which introduced a lot of new changes in my grow room.