Today I started the flowering cycle. Following is a list of today’s changes to my grow room:

  • Flushed the system with 10 gallons of PH adjusted water and 6 tsp of General Hydroponics FloraKleen.
  • Changed GH nutrients to the “Transition” phase.
  • Changed lights from four 4-foot T-12 lights (2 fixtures) to one 400 watt High Pressure Sodium light in a large reflector with a 400 watt ballast.
  • Noticed small yellow spots on some leaves.

For more details on my grow room setup see the post Grow 1 Set-up (G13).

Room Statistics:

High Temperature 88 degrees
High Humidity 60%
Water Level -0.5 inch (below full)
PH Yellow
Flush Yes/6 tsp. FloraKleen
Nutrients Transition, Week 9A

Plant Statistics:

Name of Plant Height (in inches) Girth (in inches)
Plant A 24 50
Plant B 21 46
Plant C 17 52
Plant D 21 48