Price: $60/eighth
Type: Hybrid/Indica mainly
Lineage: Unknown (Bubba Kush is Bubble Gum x Kush)
Breeder: Unknown (Bubba Kush is from Dr. Green Thumb, Green House Seeds & Kali Kush Seeds)
Maturation: Unknown (Bubba Kush is 9 weeks)
THC: Unknown/Low (Bubba Kush averages 15%)
Nug: Distinctly white, and light green. Max frost! Very dense with small amount of red hairs. Not sticky.
Odor: Flowery/fruit and sweet smelling. Light, crisp and clean.
Taste: Clean and sweet.
Smoke: Light density.
Buzz: Takes a few minutes, but nice tingly cerebral high with a body relaxation.
Length: 45 minutes/Short
Uses: Anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle pain, spasms and tension, pain
Grade: B

From California’s Best Meds.

Smells, tastes and looks like a Bubba Kush. Not sure about this one though.