Yesterday’s flush of the system (see Daily Dope Diary 2) seems to have cleared up my third batch of leaf issues. There was a tiny bit more damage on a few leaves but not like yesterday at all and no newly damaged leaves. I think I have stopped the Plant Problems 3 by flushing the system.

Following is a list of today’s changes to my grow room:

  • Further diluted the nutrients with about 1 gallon of pure PH adjusted water. Topped off reservoir.
  • Noticed that the curling, yellowing and browning of leaves has severely slowed down if not stopped completely.
  • Humidity dipped as low as 48% percent today. It usually does not go under 50%.

Room Statistics:

High Temperature84 degrees
High Humidity60%
Water Level0.0/Full
NutrientsTransition, Week 9A

Plant Statistics:

Name of PlantHeight (inches)Girth (inches)Average Inches/Day
Plant A28610.57
Plant B25600.57
Plant C22610.71
Plant D24580.43

For more details on my grow room setup see the post Grow 1 Set-up (G13).