Price: $60/eighth
Type: Hybrid, Indica dominant
Lineage: Master Kush x Lemon Joy
Breeder: Unknown (Master Kush/Nirvana)
Maturation: 7 to 8 weeks
THC: Unknown/Medium (Master Kush is 18%)
Nug: Fluffy, lime green with a shit load of crystal formations. Medium amount of orange hairs and will stick to your finger as you break it up.
Odor: No joke, smells just like chemical lemons. Potent dank lemons!
Taste: Extra smooth and earthy. Hint of citrus.
Smoke: Medium to high density. Great for smoke tricks.
Buzz: Immediate warm-fuzzy brain buzz, straight to the head but without being spacey. Follows up with deep muscle relaxation and moderate pain relief.
Length: 1 hour 30 minutes/Medium
Uses: Anxiety, appetite, depression, insomnia, muscle pains, nausea, pain.
Grade: A

This is my favorite strain to date! From California’s Best Meds.

Some are turned off because at first Lemon Kush doesn’t look impressive, although many are seduced by it’s lemon fresh smell. But don’t be fooled, this is a powerful medication packed with crystals if you look closely.

Good all around at everything, including keeping you productive.

Lemon Kush Nugs