Price: $60/eighth
Type: Hybrid, Indica dominant
Lineage: Unknown x OG Kush (Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush))
Breeder: Unknown
Maturation: Unknown
THC: Unknown/Medium (OG Kush is 18%)
Nug: Dark green with heavy crystal formations inside and out. Medium amount of orange/brown hairs and medium density. This bud stuck to my finger as I was breaking it up.
Odor: Earthy with a hint of fruit. Maybe grapefruit?
Taste: Very mellow and slightly sweet. Smooth but with a slight chemical aftertaste.
Smoke: Medium density.
Buzz: Creeper. Good mix of body and cerebral, more on the head side. Not a very deep muscle relaxation, so not a good pain reliever.
Length: 1 hour 15 minutes/Medium
Uses: Anxiety, appetite, depression, nausea.
Grade: B

From California’s Best Meds.

Super Aztec Kush Nugs