Ventilation Systems and Fans in the Grow Room

Here are some basics to consider when setting up a kick ass ventilation system for your grow such as how to choose the right fan, ideal temperature and humidity, all about fan mufflers/silencers and the best use of oscillating fans.

Nutrients & Nutrient Schedules

Nutrients can be a big mystery, but the basics are easy and you only have to think when something goes wrong. Here I explain the basics of how to pick a system, measuring and mixing your nutrients and other general tips.

Setting Up a Grow Room After a Cleaning

Here is a quick and dirty run down of how to re-setup an ebb and flow hydroponic system after you have dismantled it for cleaning in between grows.

Grow 2 Set-up (Master Kush, Lemon OG, God’s Gift)

Here are the full stats for my second grow. Detailed information on nutrients and cycles, equipment and strains.

Soaking Rockwool

Before using Rockwool/Grodan cubes you should soak and condition them.

Grow 2 Clones Are Here

Today I brought 6 clones home to the grow room for the second grow.

Grow Room Daily Maintenance Checklist

This is a good daily checklist for your grow room to ensure that your plants are happy. Print the short version and hang it in your grow room.

Grow 2 Room Preparations

I have made some huge upgrades and changes to my grow room that I have made in preparation for the second grow. Here is a summary of what has happened.