Price: $60.00/eighth
Type: Hybrid, Indica dominant (70% Indica, 30% Sativa)
Lineage: OG Kush (Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)) x Sour Diesel
Breeder: Reserva Privada
Maturation: 9 to 10 weeks
THC: 15%/Medium (OG Kush is 18%, Sour Diesel is 13%)
Nug: Pale green light & fluffy nugs with a medium amount of orange/red hairs. Super frosty! Damn sticky too, it kept sticking to my fingers!
Odor: Instant fruity-citrus smell, but not too strong. However, as you break the nugs up it releases an overwhelming diesel fuel odor.
Taste: Smooth, clean and earthy with a strong fuel (Sour Diesel) aftertaste
Smoke: Medium density.
Buzz: Straight to the head and immediate body relaxation. Induces an odd calming energy.
Length: 1 hour 30 minutes/Medium
Uses: Anxiety, appetite, depression, insomnia, migraines, muscle tension, nausea, pain
Grade: A

From the Green Crop Co-Op. A really great bug, top shelf. This one is a heavy hitter! I would venture to guess this one was cultivated with more than 15% THC.

This bud has the legendary “headband” effect, a warm blanket wrap feeling around the front of your forehead. One of the few strains that actually helps with my severe migraines.

Also has the odd effect of inducing a calming energy. Makes you feel like cleaning, but in a slightly slower, groovy way. Cerebral and relaxing. A definite munchie inducer!

Headband Nugs from Green Crop Co-Op