Now that I have been growing for a few weeks the plants have adjusted and the new growth is not showing the same issues that they had a couple of weeks ago in the post Plant Problems 1, except for the salt buildup.

Here is the update:

In general I flushed the system with pure PH balanced water, about 10 gallons in the tray and let it drain out completely. I then reconnected the reservoir after taking out about a gallon of the nutrient solution and then filling it up/topping it off with about 3 gallons of pure PH balanced water. This in effect diluted the nutrients just in case I was giving them a little bit too much.

Yellow leafs and holes:

  • Was most likely due to new clone growth and just part of the natural cycle.
  • All new growth looks good, green and healthy.

Magnesium deficiency:

  • New growth did not show the same issues, but the leafs that showed this problem never got better. Not a problem though.

Salt buildup:

  • After I flushed the system the salt disappeared completely for about 10 days. I also sprayed the leafs with pure PH balanced water before flushing since the bottom leafs all had this white residue.
  • The residue has now started to come back so I plan on flushing the system every two weeks before changing the nutrients just to keep the buildup down.