Skywalker OG Kush

Price: $60.00/eighth
Type: Hybrid/Indica dominant
Lineage: Skywalker (Mazar female x Blueberry male) x OG Kush
Breeder: Unknown (Skywalker is breed by Dutch Passion)
Maturation: Unknown (Skywalker takes 8-9 weeks)
THC: Unknown/Medium (Skywalker is 12%)
Nug: Dense, but still fluffy. Good amount of red hairs with a light frost. Not sticky.
Odor: Overwhelming citrus-earthy smell.
Taste: Smooth and clean. Musky flavor that is earthy and sweetly organic.
Smoke: Medium density, good for blowing smoke rings.
Buzz: Immediate head and body. Relaxing and calming. This one is a heavy hitter.
Length: 1 hour 20 minutes/Medium
Uses: Anxiety, appetite, insomnia, muscle pain and spasms, tension, nausea, pain
Grade: B

From California’s Best Meds.

skywalker og kush bottle